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Princesses of Heart

A Kingdom Hearts RPG

Princesses of Heart--A Kingdom Hearts RPG
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Welcome, traveler. You've managed to stumble upon the one and only Disney Princess Kingdom Hearts RPG! This RPG takes place after the ending of the first Kingdom Hearts game, and the story is told from the point of view of those lovely, sweet, Princesses of Heart.

Credit for Ariel in the picture above goes to AlraM from the LittleAriel message board, and credit for the Jasmine one goes to yours truly, lady_heartilly

Okay, well technically, the Princesses of Heart were Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Alice, and Kairi, but in this version, Ariel, played by yours truly, will be discovered as the eighth Princess of Heart.

The Story

After Sora locked the door to darkness, all the worlds that were destroyed became restored, and all the princesses were sent back home. However, as they tried to continue their lives as if nothing had ever happened, countless heartless begin invading every world. The princesses realize that when their pure hearts were radiating for Hollow Bastion, they were holding off a large number of heartless from hurting innocent lives and if they continue living in their own worlds, the heartless will continue to invade and slaughter everyone in their path. Each princess must explain the situation to her loved ones and find a way to return to Hollow Bastion so they can all meet and come up with a plan.

Meanwhile, in Traverse Town, Sora teams up with Leon in an attempt to figure out how to stop the heartless completely. They will eventually learn that the eight purest hearts must be used to wipe out the darkness in Kingdom Hearts so it is only light, and that is the only way to stop the heartless permanently. But there were only seven princesses . . . right?

Worried about the heartless attacking her world, Ariel goes against her father's wishes and makes a deal with Hades to get legs and travel to other worlds in order to find a way to save Atlantica. But what is Hades really up to . . . ?

In the Destiny Islands, Kairi patiently awaits Sora's return, and while doing so, she learns the secret of the Door in the Secret Place. Can she use it to travel to other worlds? The heartless are piling up . . .

The Rules

If you wish to be in this RPG, you should have been in at least one RPG in the past, played Kingdom Hearts to the end, have seen all the Disney Princess movies at least once, and have played at least one Final Fantasy game. I know that sounds rather strict, but I feel that if everyone meets all those requirements, the RPG will move much more smoothly. However, if you do not meet all of these requirements and really and truly feel that you would be a valuable member of the RPG, I'd like you to tell me why you feel this way and what you feel you can contribute, and you will be considered.

If you post after we begin roleplay and you want to say something out of character, please write "Out of Character" in the subject line of your post. When choosing a character, I'd like you to say who you want to be and tell me a little about the direction you plan to go with that character. If you choose to play a Disney Prince, you are allowed to alter his personality slightly to fit the way you want him to be and give him more characterization, but the exceptions to this are Beast and Aladdin.

When roleplaying, you must write the world your character is currently in and who is in that scene. For example, for a scene with Ariel arguing with her father, I'd write "Atlantica--Ariel, Triton" in the subject line. ONE WORLD PER POST! If your character enters a different world at some point in your post, you should start a new post for that world. Also, every time there's a major turning point in the story, even if it's still in the same world, you should start a new post.

There is a limit of three major characters per person, and no more than one Princess of Heart per person. A major character counts as any character who travels between worlds, and a Princess of Heart is any of the six Disney Princesses pictured above as well as Alice and Kairi. However, you are allowed to play a fourth, or even fifth character if it is a minor character who lives only in one world and will only speak for a few scenes. You can decide which characters have the ability to travel between worlds and how.

You are allowed to play any already existing Disney or Final Fantasy character, as long as you come up with a backstory on how your character is involved in the RPG's plot and an idea of how your character will contribute to the story. No original characters, please. The only exception to this is if you plan to be a major villain. If you do that, you must have a motive and an evil plan and enforce it gradually throughout story.

The Worlds

The current worlds in this RPG are:

Snow White's World
Cinderella's World
Aurora's World
Atlantica (Ariel's World)
Beast's Castle (Belle's World)
Agrabah (Jasmine's World)
Wonderland (Alice's World)
Destiny Islands (Kairi's World)
Hollow Bastion (Princesses' Destination)
Traverse Town (Sora and Leon's Location)
Underworld (Hades' World)
Disney Castle

More worlds may be added as we go along, but please consult me on e-mail, AIM, or an out of character post before creating a new world.


The following characters are needed before we can begin the RPG:

Princesses of Heart
Snow White taken by tourmaline142
Cinderella taken by xoxanimegrlxox
Aurora taken by sothisisreality
Ariel taken by lady_heartilly (me)
Belle taken by icelavabelle
Jasmine taken by k_puff
Alice taken by sailorjupiter
Kairi taken by eurynome420

Princes of Heart
Beast taken by blackstray
Aladdin taken by rose_katana

Major Kingdom Hearts Characters
Sora taken by oogiesean
Leon taken by lady_ava

Hades taken by rose_katana
Sephiroth taken by thethirdsight

The following characters would be highly appreciated before we begin the RPG:

Princes of Heart--these characters can be altered for personality quirks and deeper backgrounds as long as you consult me first with your ideas for them
Prince ???--Snow White's Prince
Prince Charming taken by oogiesean
Prince Phillip--Aurora's Prince taken by oogiesean
Prince Eric taken by rose_katana

Major Kingdom Hearts Characters
Riku taken by blackstray
Mickey* taken by thethirdsight
Axel taken by xscaryteddyx

*If these characters are taken, we'll need to create another world for them in the RPG

Misc. Final Fantasy Characters
Rinoa Heartilly taken by lady_heartilly (me)
Cloud Strife taken by lady_ava
Aerith Gainsborough taken by drusillatsukino
Yuffie Kisargi taken by lady_ava
Cid Highwind
Princess Garnet
Lady Yuna taken by xoxanimegrlxox

Misc. Disney Characters
Fairy Godmother*
Fauna* taken by sothisisreality
Seven Dwarfs
Enchantress* (from Beauty and the Beast) taken by sothisisreality
Cheshire Cat* taken by sailorjupiter
Alice's Sister
Evil Queen (Snow White)
Evil Stepmother (Cinderella)
Anastasia (Cinderella)
Drizella (Cinderella)
Mrs. Potts
OogieBoogie taken by xscaryteddyx
Vanessa taken by drusillatsukino
Prudence taken by tourmaline142

*These characters are all "magical helpers." They have the ability to travel between worlds and know many things that many of the other characters do not. If you play one of these characters, you have the ability to reveal any useful facts from the story that the main characters are not aware of. Because of this, you will be a key factor in moving the plot of the RPG.

If you want to be a character that is not on the list and is from a Disney or Final Fantasy game, just tell me who it is and where you plan to go with that character.

While you are not required to have a character journal for each of your characters, I would very much appreciate it if have one LiveJournal user icon for each of your characters and use that icon when roleplaying that character. If you cannot find such an icon or want one custom-made to suit your vision of that character, please ask me and I'll make one for you. I've made hundreds of icons and have easy access to almost any picture of any character listed above.

Everyone has full creative range over the personality and events that happen to a character, but you are not permitted to change anything that already happened in the corresponding movie or do or say anything that you would not expect that character to do or say.

Please read my first post to see what's going on in each world before the RPG begins.