and all that jazz (rose_katana) wrote in princess_hearts,
and all that jazz

Underworld- Hades, Vanessa

Hades paced around the room, severely irritated. "Vanessa, my dear,I think it's time we got to what we really want." He saw a confused look on her face and continued, "KINGDOM HEARTS. We can have it all. Everything has fallen together perfectly, those fools run away to hide with the Enchantress while that Cloud guy distracts Sephiroth, and we go to KINGDOM HEARTS, uninterupted. All the power we could ever want, ripe for the taking..."
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Ariel cowered in the doorway, eavesdropping on the conversation, her heart feeling like it was breaking once as she heard what Hades was saying. Surely, Vanessa wouldn't help in such a plan. But even if she didn't, all her friends were in immediate danger . . . not just her fish friends back home, but the princesses and Rinoa, Leon, Yuffie, Cloud, and Aerith . . . this information was far too valuable, and she was almost positive they didn't know she was there.

I can listen in a little longer and tell them what I've learned, she thought, Then maybe we'll have a better chance. I just hope Vanessa won't go through with this . . . she can't.
Vanessa could only nod and agree with Hades. What exactly could they really do, anyways? Hades was growing desperate... If it wasn't enough that he had to deal with King Mickey, but now that Sephiroth had come into play, and was more immortal then Zeus as far as he was concerned, Hades was having to pull out all the stops. Slowly she shook her head, handing the Heart Snatcher in her hands tightly.