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Princesses of Heart

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9th November 2009

lady_mouse047:46pm: Hello.........
I'm interested in roleplaying as the Seven Dwarfs....my name is Wendy!!!!!!

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25th June 2008

eg_water12:33pm: princess of hearts pic
Hey I need to know who has the larger version of the picture of the KH version Princesses?  I had the Ariel one before, but I lost it, and I can't find anything besides all of them on the one here, but it's too small!  Please people if you read this, please help me get the bigger pictures? 

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24th September 2006

khorkinachen12:47pm: Kidada
Does anyone own this?
It's a Disney Couture Bracelet featuring Alice in Wonderland, by Kidada Jones

It looks different with this two pictures, sadly
I want to know what is the thickness of the bracelet.
If you have it, would you mind taking a picture of it for me? :D
I want to get it, but I'm afraid it's not what I expected.

It looks thin here

Whereas, it looks quite thick here.

Thanks in advance! :D

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7th May 2006

valentine_love11:16pm: Twilight Town --- LuLu, Yuna, Rikku, Yuna, Quistis
LuLu ran hard and fast to the sound of the explosion she heard in the first district and away from the creatures surrounding her. *I just got here and already things go wrong* LuLu thought to herself as she held her Moogle in a death-lock , willing her legs to go even harder and faster. She knew Yuna was in this place called "Traverse Town". She could feel Yuna's presence growing stronger and stronger the closer she came to the sounds of destruction. After having known Yuna as a child and having been her guardian she knew Yuna all too well.

As LuLu ran through the doors from the third district to the second district she saw strange, dark and menancing looking creatures chasing and ravaging anyone and anything in their path.

"Damn It !!! This isn't my battle or my home land !!!" LuLu snapped angrily as she felt the desire to help the local people rise up in her.She stopped for a second and tucked herself in an alley, away from the chaos.

"Think.... Think .... Think" She muttered to herself as she tried to grasp a hold onto the situation.* I was battling a strange fiend one minute and the next thing I know it teleports me somewhere before it dies !!! I need to find Yuna and get out of here immediately . I can use my own magic to get out of here but not till I find Yuna !!! *LuLu thought to herself courageously as she quickly side stepped out of the alley and continued to run to where her feelings where pointing her to: Yuna.

"WIND CLOAK !!!" LuLu yelled out and soon enough a gust of wind blew around her forming a swirling whirlwind around her. She would need stealth to get by all these creatures not force. She didnt have any of her former comrades with her to be the brute force while she stepped back and took them out from afar.The wind died down but remained but with less force as she became invisible to the naked eye.

As LuLu started running she ignored the cries from the people around her and the disgusting creatures. No one noticed her but yet she knew she should help. *This isn't my battle I dont know anything about this place nor it's people* She kept repeating this in her head as she continued onward. She would have made it successfully out of the second district but her cold heart finally gave in , as she saw a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes being chased by a group of monsters.

"Please !!! Anyone Help Me !!! I dont know what's going on ?!!!?" The woman said as she ran closer and closer to LuLu , fleeing for her life.

LuLu took off invisibility shield with a wave of her hand.

"OVER HERE !!! THIS WAY !!!" LuLu shouted to the young woman.

The young woman was soon tiring out as the monsters were gaining on her . She heard someone call out and she was wearing out, so she looked to her left and saw a woman dressed in all black waving up and down to her. She didnt know this woman but rather go to this woman for help than these creatures she thought to herself.As she got with in 5 feet of the dark woman she knew it was the end. Everything went dark and her vison snapped off like a quick snap to the power button on a TV.

As the young woman approached LuLu ran up to her and caught her in her arms as the woman passed out from exhaustion. The Moogle jumped from LuLu's arms to avoid being crushed.

"Fantastic" LuLu said sarcatically as she readjusted the slighter woman in her arms and looked dead at these monsters that had chased this woman .

" DEATH " LuLu said as she pointed her arm that wasn't burdended at the group of creatures, her eyes went from blue to an all encompassing black that turned her eyes pitch black.

The Grim Reaper came as he was summoned and took one look at these creatures and snapped his fingers and in an instant they dematerialized and were gone. The Grim Reaper vanishing with them.

" Well so much for that but Hmmph, your actually heavy so I will need a spell for you to lighten you up ... Hmmm I got it !!! Shrinkiatus Totalas !!! " LuLu said with an exasperated shout at the woman's body shrunk to the size of a small doll even smaller than her Moogle that was bouncing around at all the commotion.

LuLu put the girl in her dress pocket and whispered a bubble charm on her to avoid any injuries to the girl.LuLu motioned to her Moogle who jumped back in LuLu's arms and settled itself.

LuLu ran out through the door and into the first district where she first heard the explosion. As she ran she could hear the sounds of fighting and battle commencing. She ran faster than before with much more desire and intent as she felt Yuna around the corner. As she ran down the steps and in front of some shop she saw what she had been searching for: Yuna.

Yuna was fighting in Songstress mode with a Samurai dressed Paine and a Lady Luck mode Rikku. *It seems the girls made themselves right at home* LuLu thought to herself with a smirk on her face as she ran towards the fray as countless creatures continuously poured out of a giant archway where a door once stood, but was now destroyed. * To Other Worlds * LuLu thought to herself as she saw the engraving above the broken and ripped doorway. She would have to remeber that for later as she was now in the heat of battle with the other girls and was blasting away spell after spell at the foolish enough creatures to approach her.

**** LuLu has found Yuna. Who was that woman that LuLu saved ? Will LuLu find a way home with the girls in tow ? It's Up 2 You now to get inspired !!! Dont try to take over for me and dont try to name the unknown woman I have plan for her and she is a FF character that will be named the next time I update !!! So just a lil 411 !!! ************************************************************************
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valentine_love8:12pm: Keep it Alive !!! --- Out of Story Post
I just read the whole entire thing and I love it from the first post to the last !!! I think we should revitalize it by keeping the story going !!! So I have already joined this and I have read the rights and I understand all that is required of me and I am ready to take this on !!! So I humbly ask for permission to be the following characters :

Mulan ----(and other minor roles such as Mushu,The Ancestors,Her BoyToy/Boyfriend basically those that are in her world *dont worry I will have his name if I am allowed to use these characters*)

LuLu -----

Quistis -----

Minnie -----

Daisy ------

--------------- It may seem like alot but It is all for good reason and It's really not that hard, well at least for me !!! -------------


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6th February 2005

rose_katana10:16pm: Underworld- Hades, Vanessa
The Dark Lord paced around the room. The princesses had all gone to the Enchantress's castle and all was very quiet. Kingdom Hearts could be unsealed very soon, but a great power was needed.

"Vanessa, my dear," Hades smiled, "Why don't you visit the Enchantress... and make friends with the princesses again... But don't forget," he grinned, "...to leave the front door open..."

Vanessa's dark eyes shimmered.

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26th January 2005

sothisisreality9:04pm: The Enchantress' Tower -- Enchantress, The Crew
The Enchantress had been laying low for quite some time. The Princesses and their companions were highly capable of doing much by themselves. Looking in her mirror she could see them negotiating with Hades about Sephiroth. "Looks like we're going to have some company..." She smiled to herself.

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lady_ava6:14pm: Steps of Disney Castle- Cloud VS Sephiroth
Cloud set foot out onto the grand marble staircase that lead to the doors of the palace. There was an eerie warm breeze that blew through as he stood there, looking out towards the once peaceful village. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked up to see nothing but flames that was once a peaceful town. He heard women screaming, children crying, pleading for help from someone. The image became burned into his thoughts as he watched.

'This was like...that night,' Cloud thought, thinking back to his own world, 'When he burned my village...my home...'

Cloud..... He heard the man's voice within his head. Looking forward towards the stairs, Cloud let his eyes narrow to a battle like glare. Raising a hand into the air, he summoned forth his massive blade. The red leather handle fell into his hand as he swing the sword once around his head and placed the tip into the ground by his side. Studying the flames, he watched as a figure emerged.

His familiar long white hair hung down his back as he walked slowly towards the gates of the castle. Upon his back, he had one large black angel wing, extended out slightly. His leather trenchcoat swayed as he walked, his boots clicking on the ground softly. Within his right hand, he weiled his impressive sword that helped to build his ledgenary status.

Breathing deeply, Cloud stared down his oncoming oppoinate and found himself smiling slightly. 'This time....I'll kill you,' he thought to himself, hoping that the SOLDIER would hear it.

"Its been a long time.....Sephiroth..." he called, causing the man to halt in his steps.

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rose_katana4:25pm: Underworld- Hades, Vanessa
Hades paced around the room, severely irritated. "Vanessa, my dear,I think it's time we got to what we really want." He saw a confused look on her face and continued, "KINGDOM HEARTS. We can have it all. Everything has fallen together perfectly, those fools run away to hide with the Enchantress while that Cloud guy distracts Sephiroth, and we go to KINGDOM HEARTS, uninterupted. All the power we could ever want, ripe for the taking..."

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25th January 2005

rose_katana9:55pm: Disney Castle- Hades, The "Crew"
The Lord of the Dead descended upon the weary princesses and warriors in a swirling cloud of black smoke. He eyed the room for a moment. The entire decorum practically oozed happiness and love. It was not his idea of a great hang-out.

He stepped forward with the least amount of menace that he could possibly fathom, finally speaking to the group, "It would seem, that you and I have a common enemy." he paused, studying the room, the same shocked stares that he had expected. "Well, not an enemy... a problem. Sephiroth is smashing his way in here now and he's got quite the egomaniac complex. So, let's cut to the chase. He pissed me off, so I have no problems helping out you little guys for an inning. Whaddya say? I'll help you smack up this obnoxious soldier, and give you a little vacation from my supreme vengeance and cruelty."

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lady_ava1:03pm: Disney Castle- Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, everyone else...
I'm coming.... the voice echoed once again within Cloud's mind.

Cloud sat up, looking towards the massive doors of the throne room. He felt his eyes narrow slightly as his heart began to race within his chest. He felt an uneasiness washing over the whole room, and he knew Aerith must have felt it as well. Looking at the girl, Cloud nodded slightly to her. Rising to his feet, Cloud shook out his head, trying to rid himself of the dulling pain that was left lingering in his temples.

"I have to warn the king," he began, heading back towards the library, "We have to move the princesses away from here. Its not safe any longer." His quick walk became a sprint across the room, Aerith following behind. Opening the door to the library, he ran inside, disturbing the conversation that had been going on.

Leon rose from his chair, seeing Cloud's stern expression and shortness of breath. There was sense of urgentness about him as he stood there in the doorway, looking about at the people. "Cloud, what's wrong?" he questioned.

"We must leave this place....now!" he said, sounding very demanding.

Yuffie pouted slightly to that, raising an eyebrow, "Why? What's the rush?" She asked, showing no fear to the man's sterness.

Cloud looked at the young ninja, noting her attitude towards him, 'Yuffie would understand this matter too,' he thought to himself. The pain was still coursing through his head as he stood there. It felt it behind his eyes as he closed them briefly in thought. There was too much to explain now. He didn't have enough time to tell them all about how dangerous Sephiroth could be. And if Hades got wind that the legendary soldier came back into the picture, there would be alot more power that they had to deal with.

Opening his eyes, he looked directly at Yuffie. The girl's eyes widened as she saw his eyes, glowing of Mako energy. People gasped as Cloud moved closer to the table, slamming his hands down. "You know these eyes Yuffie..." he told the girl. "...you know what this means..."

Yuffie felt her blood run cold at the mere thought of what Cloud was trying to get at. She knew it all too well. "It can't be..." she muttered quietly.

Leon looked at Yuffie with question and then at Cloud, "What is going on here?! Fill the rest of us in!"

Cloud glared at the man, letting his glowing eyes pierce through him, "Sephiroth...The legendary warrior of SOLDIER....is coming...." he looked at everyone else, "We must leave here. I hope you all don't have any disagreement with that."

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24th January 2005

thethirdsight5:33pm: Ruins of the FF World - Sephiroth
In the middle of space lied chunks of dirt and debris. Among them, lay a figure, that seemed to be curled up into a ball, hugging his knees. His hair was flowing white, and very long. A strange looking trench coat covered his body, head to toe. No skin showed on his figure, save for his face. He wielded a large katana, larger than what seemed possible. But the blood of many innocents lay on the man's blade. A proud member of SOLDIER. The legendary member of SOLDIER.

The One Winged Angel, Sephiroth.

He opened his eyes, which were covered in mako. They glowed an eerie green. He looked at his surroundings, seeing the damage around him. But stranger still, he realized that he hadn't caused it. However, his mood soon changed when he found that a slight tingling sensation was occurring on his right shoulder. He embraced it, and with a glow, a large wing appeared on his back. It was black, but resembled that of an angel's wing. He knew what this meant all too well.


And with great speed, flew using his wing to wards Cloud's location, shining like a beacon in Sephiroth's mind.

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23rd January 2005

lady_ava1:07am: Disney Castle- Throne Room- Cloud, Aerith
(OoC:taken from the last post)
Aerith bit her lower lip, cringing at his anger. What was wrong with him? Standing up, Aerith slowly walked outside after him, closing the door behind her. "Cloud, I..I'm sorry if I upset you..." she told him. "It's just been so strange...since you've been back. You were dead! Or at least I thought you were...and now you're here..so we can go back to normal!"

Cloud moved towards the center of the large throne room, letting his cloak billow out behind him. His boots echoed throughout the room as he walked slowly, listening to the flower girl speak to him, sounding extremely distressed. Her voice made him feel sad, for he knew he was giving her great distress.

And yet, there was a feeling growing within him. A sense of darkness and evil...a familiar evil...and it made his blood run cold.

"Aerith," he began, toning his rage down lightly, "You didn't upset me," he began, hearing the girl gasp in surprise. Looking up, Cloud clenched his fists as he felt the darkness surging through his veins. How was he supposed to tell her of the sense he had. That Sephiroth, the man that had caused them so much pain in their own world, was darkening their doorstep one again. There was no way to tell her...he didn't want to put Aerith in any danger.

Turning back to her, the man had his glare upon his face, "Ever since the moment came when Hades made his deal with me, I have been dead. I died every time he took the pieces of my heart away," he paused, gathering his thoughts, "Until Hades is dead...I will not be truely alive again."

I feel your presence... a voice muttered within Cloud's thoughts. The voice was as cold as ice, sending chills up and down his spine.

"What the--" Cloud's thoughts were cut off quickly by a pain rushing though this head. Grabbing his head roughly, he fell to his knees. He screamed loudly, falling to his side.

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22nd January 2005

rose_katana11:44am: Underworld- Hades, Vanessa, Ariel, Axel
This guy's ego is really starting to tick me off, Hades thought to himself. He focused hard and slammed Axel into a rock wall with his mind. He snapped his fingers and icy black chains materialized on Axel's arms and legs. Hades smiled and snapped his fingers a second time, summoning the Cerberous to eat his dinner.

"Now, play nice," he smiled at Cerberous and taking Vanessa's hand, stepped into the inner sanctum of his castle to discuss part two of their plan.

Inside the dark castle of souls, Hades led Vanessa into his most secret chamber, where he kept the black diamond mirror that he used to travel to all worlds. A large circular table stood in the center of the room. Vanessa walked over to it slowly, realizing that upon the table was an intricate heartless emblazoned crystal, separated into four parts. Each part was purposefully disunited from the other as if awaiting a ceremonial union.

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19th January 2005

thethirdsight9:50pm: Disney Castle (Library) The "Crew"
OOC: Made this a new post, because it could be big ;).

"Well that's no good." Mickey walked over to his personal desk and pressed a button, ringing Chip and Dale in the Gummi garage. "Chip, Dale, I need you to turn on the wall around the Disney Kingdom."

"Yessir!" the two chipmunks answered back. Within minutes, the castle was completely covered in a wall of energy.

"There we go," said the King, smiling at everyone. "Now we can have a conversation in private. This wall is a sort of barrier using the power of the Heart of this world. Nothing can get in or out. And don't worry about Ariel. If she comes back with Vanessa, then we can punch a hole in it large enough to get back. Now then, let me share with you my idea."

The King went back to the large table and sat back down at it's head. "Now Cloud, Leon. You're plan is very daring, bold, and well thought out. But do you honestly think that a God won't be able to tell when his power's worn out? He'd be able to tell, that is if he hasn't noticed already."

Unable to stand the tension of the room, he got up out of his seat and began to pace around the Library, still in earshot of everyone in the room. Looking at everyone, he proposed a question. "Why do you any of you think that Hades doesn't spend too much time here on other worlds?" Everyone else looked at each other, perplexed looks on their faces. "It's because," the King continued, "Hades is bonded to the Underworld. The Underworld is his source of energy. Cut him while he's there, and the Underworld will simply heal him. We wouldn't be able to stand a frontal assault on him there. So even if Leon and Cloud went to the Underworld to try and stop him, they could die in the struggle, that is if there was one."

"Instead, we use our trump cards." He looked around at all the other princesses. "You all have the ability to do whatever you wish. But it is this feeling of doubt that causes your hearts to resonate on different wavelengths. If you can manage to get your hearts resonating exactly the same, any wish you want can be granted. Even the death of a God, but I think that's pushing it. But I'll leave that in your hands."

Now, the King looked more serious than he ever had during the whole meeting. "As for Hades plan, it's simple. Hades thinks himself to be invincible. After all, he is a God. But no one, not even an immortal, is safe from darkness. Due to his ignorance, because he thinks the touch of the Heartless avoids him altogether, he plans to open Kingdom Hearts and exploit the power contained within...just like Ansem."

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xscaryteddyx5:50pm: Halloween Town: Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" I laugh was heard deep inside the ruin of Oogie's Casino Dungeon. Suddenly the darkness brightened up. Lights flashed, objects glowed, the roulette platform started spinning. I mearge from the darkness in the center of the platform. "Well, well, well what have we here!" I bellowed chuckling. A spinning roulette on the wall started showing images of the Princess's of Heart.

"Umm....Oogie, Jack left town.." said Lock. "Yea, and we brought you back so you could get your revenge..." said Shock. "This time we'll be sure to win!" said Barrel. I turned and gave them a glare of silence. The three pranksters stepped back in fear. "We have a new plan boys!" I said turning. "This time I am going to capture all the Prncess's Hearts! And you are gonna help me!" I said pointing to the three. A new darkness has arrived within the worlds, and this time it won't be stopped..

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18th January 2005

forsakenmermaid7:54pm: Underworld--Ariel, Vanessa, Hades
After a moment's hesitation, Ariel placed a hand on the rose of her keyblade and felt something was terribly wrong. Without another thought, she disappeared from the castle library, focusing all her power on Vanessa.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a most dreadful place. The dark, stony walls were covered in grime, and she could see spirits swirling in the ghostly pool far below her. The most dreadful thing of all, however, was not her surroundings, but what she around a corner several feet in front of her. Hades and Vanessa were talking to each other, calmly, as if they were friends or something.

No good could ever come of this, Ariel thought to herself, remembering the one time she spoke to Hades without noticing his menacing aura. She had almost permanently lost her heart from that experience, and wasn't about to let something like that happen to Vanessa.

"All right, whatever's going on here, I want it to stop right this instant!" she screamed, rounding the coner angrily, desparately hoping that Vanessa had not chosen to return to her old ways of darkness.

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17th January 2005

icelavabelle5:05pm: Disney Library- The "Crew"
Belle looked around with bewilderment, everyone was just standing around not even talking about what to do next! Well this won't do!

"Hey everyone! What's going on? We need to get moving before more bad things happen! Let's get a plan, we need to figure out what to do. Come on let's get going!" Belle said to everyone.

I hope this works, we need to get a move on that's for sure. Belle crossed her fingures hoping that the group would start getting together now.

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13th January 2005

forsakenmermaid12:51pm: Disney Castle Library--Princesses, Princes, Rinoa, Leon, Aerith, Cloud, Sora, Dark Figure Mickey
Rinoa went outside in a attempt to locate everyone in the group. She was relieved to find Leon had returned along with Yuffie, Aerith, and a blonde spikey-haired man she didn't recognize. She smiled warmly at Leon. "We need to meet with the king in the library; there's much to discuss," she said.

She found Aurora standing with Prince Phillip by the forest. The elegant princess seemed to be staring at it almost as if she was waiting for something to happen. "What's wrong? Did you see something in the forest?" Rinoa asked her. Allowing little time for answer, she said "We can figure that out later; we have to go to the library right now."

Ariel and Cinderella were looking worriedly at the cloaked figure. "Did you find out anything about him?" Rinoa asked Ariel softly, seeing the concern in her eyes. "I don't know," the fiery redhead replied, "but it seems like he gets really sick whenever he tries to tell us something. I just feel awful about it." "Maybe the king can help with that too," Rinoa replied, uncertainly.

The rest of the group was wondering around, unsure where to go next. Rinoa finally managed to lead everyone to the library to meet with King Mickey.

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12th January 2005

rose_katana4:58pm: Underworld- Hades, Vanessa
Kingdom Hearts.... had been a minor setback... The princesses were still alive, and the titans were in need of recovery. Only one thing was needed. A counterbalance, a force of purity to balance his perfect evil. The Lord of the Dead had already put Plan "B" in motion.

In his black diamond mirror, the portal to all worlds, Hades eyed the beautiful Vanessa, growing more fair and lovely with each passing moment. Her pure heart was growing back steadily... and that meant, there was still hope.

"Oh Vanessa," Hades called in a mock "honey I'm home!" voice.
She appeared before the dark lord, glaring spitefully at first, but unafraid.
"I think it's time we had a little... talk..."

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11th January 2005

lady_ava11:51pm: Olympus Coliseum- Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud
As the light faded around them, Leon, Aerith and Yuffie found themselves in a large opened courtyard-like area. There was stadium seating all around them as they looked around carefully. They stood in the middle of a large ring in which there were for pillars on every side. In front of them, at the opposite side of the arena, there was a small opening that was like a door into the ring that was barred shut.

Leon took in a deep breath, "I haven't been here in a while," he said aloud, looking around. He started forward, letting the girls trail slightly behind him. "Yuffie and I fought against Sora in this very ring. It was part of Hercules' crazy trainer's tournament," he explained to Aerith. "We fought here to help us sharpen our skills."

Yuffie ran in front of them and smiled as she started walking backwards, "Yeah! Leon got killed by Sora. It was so funny!" she giggled, causing Leon to stop and glare at her.

"Yes well," he coughed, "It was my first time in a battle in almost a month. I really didn't expect to do that well." Heading over towards the door, Leon lowered his gaze slightly. "Why are there bars here? There never was before." he muttered quietly as they approaded the barred door.

Placing his hands upon the bars, Leon peered inside the dark room. Sure enough, there was a figure silloleted within the darkness. His spiky hair could be seen through the shadows as his profile was shown. Next to him, he had something large and steel. He didn't bother to look outside to see who stood there watching him.

Yuffie peered inside as well, "Hey, is he in there?" she questioned, not seeing him that clearly.

"Yeah," Leon told her quietly. Looking back at Aerith, he tried to give her a warm kind of stare, but he couldn't seem to find it. To his knowlage, Leon knew that Aerith didn't know that this man had survived their world's destruction. He and Yuffie swore to him that they wouldn't reveal him to Aerith unless it was absolutely nessesary. And now....it was.

Looking back within the darkness, Leon cleared his throat, "Cloud....it's Leon." he said, causing the figure within the shadows to stur.

"Leon?" he asked back, his voice deep and dark. Cloud stood from where he rested, and moved towards the gate and into the light. His armored hand grabbed hold of the bar as he brought his face close to the bars, letting his brilliant eyes become seen. "Its been a while," he said.

Yuffie grinned broadly at the man behind the bars, "I'm here too!" she said happily, causing Cloud to glare at her slightly. The girl took notice of his gester immediately. "What? Are you still mad about the fact that I took ALL of your Materia the last time I saw you?" she asked, but didn't receive an answer.

"Why are you locked up?" Leon asked, holding onto the bars slightly.

Cloud sighed as he looked down, "Hades. He told me that there was going to be a grand battle to end all battles. That I would be needed for his side," he explained, gesturing to the gate, "So, he locked me up here. I'm a back-up in case his plan fails."

Leon sighed, "I have alot to tell you I guess. But...before I do, there is someone I want you to see." Leon told.

Watching the man step to the side, Cloud felt his eyes widen slightly. There, standing in a pink dress with a long brown braid down her back was Aerith. He felt whatever heart he had left skip a beat as he saw her standing there, looking at him.

"Aerith? Is that.....really you?" he asked, trying hard not to sound too stund.

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forsakenmermaid1:57pm: Disney Castle--Entire group (yeah, I got lazy :-P)
Rinoa and Ariel did successfully manage to bring the group to Disney Castle, but after arriving there, they were utterly exhausted.

"Did everyone make it okay?" Rinoa panted, looking directly at Jasmine, whose heart had just been restored.

"This world is beautiful!" Ariel said breathlessly, looking at the swirling pathway which lead to a large beautiful white castle. She felt privileged to be able to see such a fantastic world, though she did feel somewhat weak from the journey.

"I wonder where his majesty is . . ." Rinoa said, studying the enormity of the castle.

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rose_katana8:49am: KINGDOM HEARTS- Hades
The Lord of the Dead had slipped away from the chaotic battle. The titans were destroying the princesses even now, fulfilling Hades' plan.

He stood in front of the door, the massive, brilliant white door, that sealed away KINGDOM HEARTS. All of the power in the universe would be his, he only had to find a way to harness it. Sure, pathetic fools like Ansem and Maleficent had failed to unseal Kingdom Hearts- but they were not the god of the Underworld.

Hades placed a cold, evil hand upon the door, dark powers radiating from it like an invisible light.

The heartless symbol upon his chest ached like a heavy weight, but that wouldn't stop him.

The power was in his hands now...

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10th January 2005

rose_katana6:45pm: Hollow Bastion- Hades, princesses etc.
Hades was reeling in pain. The energy of their pure hearts filled the building. Soon, all of the princesses were singing in unison, a song that they had never heard before.

There was only one choice left.

Taking in a deep breath, Hades cast all of his dark powers into one spell. The entire room became dark and terribly cold.

Suddenly, a brilliant seal of golden energy appeared in front of them. Upon it, each of the deadly titans was displayed.

A shimmering heartless seal appeared on his chest.

To the princesses' horror... the seal upon the titans SHATTERED.

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rose_katana3:43pm: Hollow Bastion- Hades, Dark Figure Aurora, princesses etc.
The Dark Lord glared at them, "You irritating little witches!" he growled. "I'm finished with all of you!" Hades raised his hands and a massive sphere of flaming white light formed above him.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" the cloaked figure appeared, Aurora standing next to him, "You're finished Hades!" his voice was strong and unafraid. He lept from the balcony with princess Aurora in his arms, landing in front of the dark lord. "You've lied to one too many people! Including me. And I won't let you destroy them!"

The cloaked figure whipped out his left arm, a mystical silver and black scythe appearing in his hand. He clutched the weapon with both hands, guarding the princesses.

"Aww, how cute," Hades teased.

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