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Twilight Town --- LuLu, Yuna, Rikku, Yuna, Quistis

LuLu ran hard and fast to the sound of the explosion she heard in the first district and away from the creatures surrounding her. *I just got here and already things go wrong* LuLu thought to herself as she held her Moogle in a death-lock , willing her legs to go even harder and faster. She knew Yuna was in this place called "Traverse Town". She could feel Yuna's presence growing stronger and stronger the closer she came to the sounds of destruction. After having known Yuna as a child and having been her guardian she knew Yuna all too well.

As LuLu ran through the doors from the third district to the second district she saw strange, dark and menancing looking creatures chasing and ravaging anyone and anything in their path.

"Damn It !!! This isn't my battle or my home land !!!" LuLu snapped angrily as she felt the desire to help the local people rise up in her.She stopped for a second and tucked herself in an alley, away from the chaos.

"Think.... Think .... Think" She muttered to herself as she tried to grasp a hold onto the situation.* I was battling a strange fiend one minute and the next thing I know it teleports me somewhere before it dies !!! I need to find Yuna and get out of here immediately . I can use my own magic to get out of here but not till I find Yuna !!! *LuLu thought to herself courageously as she quickly side stepped out of the alley and continued to run to where her feelings where pointing her to: Yuna.

"WIND CLOAK !!!" LuLu yelled out and soon enough a gust of wind blew around her forming a swirling whirlwind around her. She would need stealth to get by all these creatures not force. She didnt have any of her former comrades with her to be the brute force while she stepped back and took them out from afar.The wind died down but remained but with less force as she became invisible to the naked eye.

As LuLu started running she ignored the cries from the people around her and the disgusting creatures. No one noticed her but yet she knew she should help. *This isn't my battle I dont know anything about this place nor it's people* She kept repeating this in her head as she continued onward. She would have made it successfully out of the second district but her cold heart finally gave in , as she saw a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes being chased by a group of monsters.

"Please !!! Anyone Help Me !!! I dont know what's going on ?!!!?" The woman said as she ran closer and closer to LuLu , fleeing for her life.

LuLu took off invisibility shield with a wave of her hand.

"OVER HERE !!! THIS WAY !!!" LuLu shouted to the young woman.

The young woman was soon tiring out as the monsters were gaining on her . She heard someone call out and she was wearing out, so she looked to her left and saw a woman dressed in all black waving up and down to her. She didnt know this woman but rather go to this woman for help than these creatures she thought to herself.As she got with in 5 feet of the dark woman she knew it was the end. Everything went dark and her vison snapped off like a quick snap to the power button on a TV.

As the young woman approached LuLu ran up to her and caught her in her arms as the woman passed out from exhaustion. The Moogle jumped from LuLu's arms to avoid being crushed.

"Fantastic" LuLu said sarcatically as she readjusted the slighter woman in her arms and looked dead at these monsters that had chased this woman .

" DEATH " LuLu said as she pointed her arm that wasn't burdended at the group of creatures, her eyes went from blue to an all encompassing black that turned her eyes pitch black.

The Grim Reaper came as he was summoned and took one look at these creatures and snapped his fingers and in an instant they dematerialized and were gone. The Grim Reaper vanishing with them.

" Well so much for that but Hmmph, your actually heavy so I will need a spell for you to lighten you up ... Hmmm I got it !!! Shrinkiatus Totalas !!! " LuLu said with an exasperated shout at the woman's body shrunk to the size of a small doll even smaller than her Moogle that was bouncing around at all the commotion.

LuLu put the girl in her dress pocket and whispered a bubble charm on her to avoid any injuries to the girl.LuLu motioned to her Moogle who jumped back in LuLu's arms and settled itself.

LuLu ran out through the door and into the first district where she first heard the explosion. As she ran she could hear the sounds of fighting and battle commencing. She ran faster than before with much more desire and intent as she felt Yuna around the corner. As she ran down the steps and in front of some shop she saw what she had been searching for: Yuna.

Yuna was fighting in Songstress mode with a Samurai dressed Paine and a Lady Luck mode Rikku. *It seems the girls made themselves right at home* LuLu thought to herself with a smirk on her face as she ran towards the fray as countless creatures continuously poured out of a giant archway where a door once stood, but was now destroyed. * To Other Worlds * LuLu thought to herself as she saw the engraving above the broken and ripped doorway. She would have to remeber that for later as she was now in the heat of battle with the other girls and was blasting away spell after spell at the foolish enough creatures to approach her.

**** LuLu has found Yuna. Who was that woman that LuLu saved ? Will LuLu find a way home with the girls in tow ? It's Up 2 You now to get inspired !!! Dont try to take over for me and dont try to name the unknown woman I have plan for her and she is a FF character that will be named the next time I update !!! So just a lil 411 !!! ************************************************************************
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