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Lady Ava

Steps of Disney Castle- Cloud VS Sephiroth

Cloud set foot out onto the grand marble staircase that lead to the doors of the palace. There was an eerie warm breeze that blew through as he stood there, looking out towards the once peaceful village. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked up to see nothing but flames that was once a peaceful town. He heard women screaming, children crying, pleading for help from someone. The image became burned into his thoughts as he watched.

'This was like...that night,' Cloud thought, thinking back to his own world, 'When he burned my home...'

Cloud..... He heard the man's voice within his head. Looking forward towards the stairs, Cloud let his eyes narrow to a battle like glare. Raising a hand into the air, he summoned forth his massive blade. The red leather handle fell into his hand as he swing the sword once around his head and placed the tip into the ground by his side. Studying the flames, he watched as a figure emerged.

His familiar long white hair hung down his back as he walked slowly towards the gates of the castle. Upon his back, he had one large black angel wing, extended out slightly. His leather trenchcoat swayed as he walked, his boots clicking on the ground softly. Within his right hand, he weiled his impressive sword that helped to build his ledgenary status.

Breathing deeply, Cloud stared down his oncoming oppoinate and found himself smiling slightly. 'This time....I'll kill you,' he thought to himself, hoping that the SOLDIER would hear it.

"Its been a long time.....Sephiroth..." he called, causing the man to halt in his steps.
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