and all that jazz (rose_katana) wrote in princess_hearts,
and all that jazz

Disney Castle- Hades, The "Crew"

The Lord of the Dead descended upon the weary princesses and warriors in a swirling cloud of black smoke. He eyed the room for a moment. The entire decorum practically oozed happiness and love. It was not his idea of a great hang-out.

He stepped forward with the least amount of menace that he could possibly fathom, finally speaking to the group, "It would seem, that you and I have a common enemy." he paused, studying the room, the same shocked stares that he had expected. "Well, not an enemy... a problem. Sephiroth is smashing his way in here now and he's got quite the egomaniac complex. So, let's cut to the chase. He pissed me off, so I have no problems helping out you little guys for an inning. Whaddya say? I'll help you smack up this obnoxious soldier, and give you a little vacation from my supreme vengeance and cruelty."
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