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Lady Ava

Disney Castle- Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, everyone else...

I'm coming.... the voice echoed once again within Cloud's mind.

Cloud sat up, looking towards the massive doors of the throne room. He felt his eyes narrow slightly as his heart began to race within his chest. He felt an uneasiness washing over the whole room, and he knew Aerith must have felt it as well. Looking at the girl, Cloud nodded slightly to her. Rising to his feet, Cloud shook out his head, trying to rid himself of the dulling pain that was left lingering in his temples.

"I have to warn the king," he began, heading back towards the library, "We have to move the princesses away from here. Its not safe any longer." His quick walk became a sprint across the room, Aerith following behind. Opening the door to the library, he ran inside, disturbing the conversation that had been going on.

Leon rose from his chair, seeing Cloud's stern expression and shortness of breath. There was sense of urgentness about him as he stood there in the doorway, looking about at the people. "Cloud, what's wrong?" he questioned.

"We must leave this!" he said, sounding very demanding.

Yuffie pouted slightly to that, raising an eyebrow, "Why? What's the rush?" She asked, showing no fear to the man's sterness.

Cloud looked at the young ninja, noting her attitude towards him, 'Yuffie would understand this matter too,' he thought to himself. The pain was still coursing through his head as he stood there. It felt it behind his eyes as he closed them briefly in thought. There was too much to explain now. He didn't have enough time to tell them all about how dangerous Sephiroth could be. And if Hades got wind that the legendary soldier came back into the picture, there would be alot more power that they had to deal with.

Opening his eyes, he looked directly at Yuffie. The girl's eyes widened as she saw his eyes, glowing of Mako energy. People gasped as Cloud moved closer to the table, slamming his hands down. "You know these eyes Yuffie..." he told the girl. " know what this means..."

Yuffie felt her blood run cold at the mere thought of what Cloud was trying to get at. She knew it all too well. "It can't be..." she muttered quietly.

Leon looked at Yuffie with question and then at Cloud, "What is going on here?! Fill the rest of us in!"

Cloud glared at the man, letting his glowing eyes pierce through him, "Sephiroth...The legendary warrior of coming...." he looked at everyone else, "We must leave here. I hope you all don't have any disagreement with that."
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