M@ Whitto (thethirdsight) wrote in princess_hearts,
M@ Whitto

Ruins of the FF World - Sephiroth

In the middle of space lied chunks of dirt and debris. Among them, lay a figure, that seemed to be curled up into a ball, hugging his knees. His hair was flowing white, and very long. A strange looking trench coat covered his body, head to toe. No skin showed on his figure, save for his face. He wielded a large katana, larger than what seemed possible. But the blood of many innocents lay on the man's blade. A proud member of SOLDIER. The legendary member of SOLDIER.

The One Winged Angel, Sephiroth.

He opened his eyes, which were covered in mako. They glowed an eerie green. He looked at his surroundings, seeing the damage around him. But stranger still, he realized that he hadn't caused it. However, his mood soon changed when he found that a slight tingling sensation was occurring on his right shoulder. He embraced it, and with a glow, a large wing appeared on his back. It was black, but resembled that of an angel's wing. He knew what this meant all too well.


And with great speed, flew using his wing to wards Cloud's location, shining like a beacon in Sephiroth's mind.
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