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Disney Castle- Throne Room- Cloud, Aerith

(OoC:taken from the last post)
Aerith bit her lower lip, cringing at his anger. What was wrong with him? Standing up, Aerith slowly walked outside after him, closing the door behind her. "Cloud, I..I'm sorry if I upset you..." she told him. "It's just been so strange...since you've been back. You were dead! Or at least I thought you were...and now you're we can go back to normal!"

Cloud moved towards the center of the large throne room, letting his cloak billow out behind him. His boots echoed throughout the room as he walked slowly, listening to the flower girl speak to him, sounding extremely distressed. Her voice made him feel sad, for he knew he was giving her great distress.

And yet, there was a feeling growing within him. A sense of darkness and evil...a familiar evil...and it made his blood run cold.

"Aerith," he began, toning his rage down lightly, "You didn't upset me," he began, hearing the girl gasp in surprise. Looking up, Cloud clenched his fists as he felt the darkness surging through his veins. How was he supposed to tell her of the sense he had. That Sephiroth, the man that had caused them so much pain in their own world, was darkening their doorstep one again. There was no way to tell her...he didn't want to put Aerith in any danger.

Turning back to her, the man had his glare upon his face, "Ever since the moment came when Hades made his deal with me, I have been dead. I died every time he took the pieces of my heart away," he paused, gathering his thoughts, "Until Hades is dead...I will not be truely alive again."

I feel your presence... a voice muttered within Cloud's thoughts. The voice was as cold as ice, sending chills up and down his spine.

"What the--" Cloud's thoughts were cut off quickly by a pain rushing though this head. Grabbing his head roughly, he fell to his knees. He screamed loudly, falling to his side.
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