and all that jazz (rose_katana) wrote in princess_hearts,
and all that jazz

Underworld- Hades, Vanessa, Ariel, Axel

This guy's ego is really starting to tick me off, Hades thought to himself. He focused hard and slammed Axel into a rock wall with his mind. He snapped his fingers and icy black chains materialized on Axel's arms and legs. Hades smiled and snapped his fingers a second time, summoning the Cerberous to eat his dinner.

"Now, play nice," he smiled at Cerberous and taking Vanessa's hand, stepped into the inner sanctum of his castle to discuss part two of their plan.

Inside the dark castle of souls, Hades led Vanessa into his most secret chamber, where he kept the black diamond mirror that he used to travel to all worlds. A large circular table stood in the center of the room. Vanessa walked over to it slowly, realizing that upon the table was an intricate heartless emblazoned crystal, separated into four parts. Each part was purposefully disunited from the other as if awaiting a ceremonial union.
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