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Disney Castle (Library) The "Crew"

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"Well that's no good." Mickey walked over to his personal desk and pressed a button, ringing Chip and Dale in the Gummi garage. "Chip, Dale, I need you to turn on the wall around the Disney Kingdom."

"Yessir!" the two chipmunks answered back. Within minutes, the castle was completely covered in a wall of energy.

"There we go," said the King, smiling at everyone. "Now we can have a conversation in private. This wall is a sort of barrier using the power of the Heart of this world. Nothing can get in or out. And don't worry about Ariel. If she comes back with Vanessa, then we can punch a hole in it large enough to get back. Now then, let me share with you my idea."

The King went back to the large table and sat back down at it's head. "Now Cloud, Leon. You're plan is very daring, bold, and well thought out. But do you honestly think that a God won't be able to tell when his power's worn out? He'd be able to tell, that is if he hasn't noticed already."

Unable to stand the tension of the room, he got up out of his seat and began to pace around the Library, still in earshot of everyone in the room. Looking at everyone, he proposed a question. "Why do you any of you think that Hades doesn't spend too much time here on other worlds?" Everyone else looked at each other, perplexed looks on their faces. "It's because," the King continued, "Hades is bonded to the Underworld. The Underworld is his source of energy. Cut him while he's there, and the Underworld will simply heal him. We wouldn't be able to stand a frontal assault on him there. So even if Leon and Cloud went to the Underworld to try and stop him, they could die in the struggle, that is if there was one."

"Instead, we use our trump cards." He looked around at all the other princesses. "You all have the ability to do whatever you wish. But it is this feeling of doubt that causes your hearts to resonate on different wavelengths. If you can manage to get your hearts resonating exactly the same, any wish you want can be granted. Even the death of a God, but I think that's pushing it. But I'll leave that in your hands."

Now, the King looked more serious than he ever had during the whole meeting. "As for Hades plan, it's simple. Hades thinks himself to be invincible. After all, he is a God. But no one, not even an immortal, is safe from darkness. Due to his ignorance, because he thinks the touch of the Heartless avoids him altogether, he plans to open Kingdom Hearts and exploit the power contained within...just like Ansem."
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