Forsaken Mermaid (forsakenmermaid) wrote in princess_hearts,
Forsaken Mermaid

Underworld--Ariel, Vanessa, Hades

After a moment's hesitation, Ariel placed a hand on the rose of her keyblade and felt something was terribly wrong. Without another thought, she disappeared from the castle library, focusing all her power on Vanessa.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a most dreadful place. The dark, stony walls were covered in grime, and she could see spirits swirling in the ghostly pool far below her. The most dreadful thing of all, however, was not her surroundings, but what she around a corner several feet in front of her. Hades and Vanessa were talking to each other, calmly, as if they were friends or something.

No good could ever come of this, Ariel thought to herself, remembering the one time she spoke to Hades without noticing his menacing aura. She had almost permanently lost her heart from that experience, and wasn't about to let something like that happen to Vanessa.

"All right, whatever's going on here, I want it to stop right this instant!" she screamed, rounding the coner angrily, desparately hoping that Vanessa had not chosen to return to her old ways of darkness.
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