Forsaken Mermaid (forsakenmermaid) wrote in princess_hearts,
Forsaken Mermaid

Disney Castle Library--Princesses, Princes, Rinoa, Leon, Aerith, Cloud, Sora, Dark Figure Mickey

Rinoa went outside in a attempt to locate everyone in the group. She was relieved to find Leon had returned along with Yuffie, Aerith, and a blonde spikey-haired man she didn't recognize. She smiled warmly at Leon. "We need to meet with the king in the library; there's much to discuss," she said.

She found Aurora standing with Prince Phillip by the forest. The elegant princess seemed to be staring at it almost as if she was waiting for something to happen. "What's wrong? Did you see something in the forest?" Rinoa asked her. Allowing little time for answer, she said "We can figure that out later; we have to go to the library right now."

Ariel and Cinderella were looking worriedly at the cloaked figure. "Did you find out anything about him?" Rinoa asked Ariel softly, seeing the concern in her eyes. "I don't know," the fiery redhead replied, "but it seems like he gets really sick whenever he tries to tell us something. I just feel awful about it." "Maybe the king can help with that too," Rinoa replied, uncertainly.

The rest of the group was wondering around, unsure where to go next. Rinoa finally managed to lead everyone to the library to meet with King Mickey.
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