and all that jazz (rose_katana) wrote in princess_hearts,
and all that jazz

Underworld- Hades, Vanessa

Kingdom Hearts.... had been a minor setback... The princesses were still alive, and the titans were in need of recovery. Only one thing was needed. A counterbalance, a force of purity to balance his perfect evil. The Lord of the Dead had already put Plan "B" in motion.

In his black diamond mirror, the portal to all worlds, Hades eyed the beautiful Vanessa, growing more fair and lovely with each passing moment. Her pure heart was growing back steadily... and that meant, there was still hope.

"Oh Vanessa," Hades called in a mock "honey I'm home!" voice.
She appeared before the dark lord, glaring spitefully at first, but unafraid.
"I think it's time we had a little... talk..."
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