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Lady Ava

Olympus Coliseum- Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud

As the light faded around them, Leon, Aerith and Yuffie found themselves in a large opened courtyard-like area. There was stadium seating all around them as they looked around carefully. They stood in the middle of a large ring in which there were for pillars on every side. In front of them, at the opposite side of the arena, there was a small opening that was like a door into the ring that was barred shut.

Leon took in a deep breath, "I haven't been here in a while," he said aloud, looking around. He started forward, letting the girls trail slightly behind him. "Yuffie and I fought against Sora in this very ring. It was part of Hercules' crazy trainer's tournament," he explained to Aerith. "We fought here to help us sharpen our skills."

Yuffie ran in front of them and smiled as she started walking backwards, "Yeah! Leon got killed by Sora. It was so funny!" she giggled, causing Leon to stop and glare at her.

"Yes well," he coughed, "It was my first time in a battle in almost a month. I really didn't expect to do that well." Heading over towards the door, Leon lowered his gaze slightly. "Why are there bars here? There never was before." he muttered quietly as they approaded the barred door.

Placing his hands upon the bars, Leon peered inside the dark room. Sure enough, there was a figure silloleted within the darkness. His spiky hair could be seen through the shadows as his profile was shown. Next to him, he had something large and steel. He didn't bother to look outside to see who stood there watching him.

Yuffie peered inside as well, "Hey, is he in there?" she questioned, not seeing him that clearly.

"Yeah," Leon told her quietly. Looking back at Aerith, he tried to give her a warm kind of stare, but he couldn't seem to find it. To his knowlage, Leon knew that Aerith didn't know that this man had survived their world's destruction. He and Yuffie swore to him that they wouldn't reveal him to Aerith unless it was absolutely nessesary. And was.

Looking back within the darkness, Leon cleared his throat, "'s Leon." he said, causing the figure within the shadows to stur.

"Leon?" he asked back, his voice deep and dark. Cloud stood from where he rested, and moved towards the gate and into the light. His armored hand grabbed hold of the bar as he brought his face close to the bars, letting his brilliant eyes become seen. "Its been a while," he said.

Yuffie grinned broadly at the man behind the bars, "I'm here too!" she said happily, causing Cloud to glare at her slightly. The girl took notice of his gester immediately. "What? Are you still mad about the fact that I took ALL of your Materia the last time I saw you?" she asked, but didn't receive an answer.

"Why are you locked up?" Leon asked, holding onto the bars slightly.

Cloud sighed as he looked down, "Hades. He told me that there was going to be a grand battle to end all battles. That I would be needed for his side," he explained, gesturing to the gate, "So, he locked me up here. I'm a back-up in case his plan fails."

Leon sighed, "I have alot to tell you I guess. But...before I do, there is someone I want you to see." Leon told.

Watching the man step to the side, Cloud felt his eyes widen slightly. There, standing in a pink dress with a long brown braid down her back was Aerith. He felt whatever heart he had left skip a beat as he saw her standing there, looking at him.

"Aerith? Is that.....really you?" he asked, trying hard not to sound too stund.
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