and all that jazz (rose_katana) wrote in princess_hearts,
and all that jazz

Hollow Bastion- Hades, Dark Figure Aurora, princesses etc.

The Dark Lord glared at them, "You irritating little witches!" he growled. "I'm finished with all of you!" Hades raised his hands and a massive sphere of flaming white light formed above him.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" the cloaked figure appeared, Aurora standing next to him, "You're finished Hades!" his voice was strong and unafraid. He lept from the balcony with princess Aurora in his arms, landing in front of the dark lord. "You've lied to one too many people! Including me. And I won't let you destroy them!"

The cloaked figure whipped out his left arm, a mystical silver and black scythe appearing in his hand. He clutched the weapon with both hands, guarding the princesses.

"Aww, how cute," Hades teased.
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